Reading list

The street as platform
– Dan Hill (2008)
The adaptive city
– Dan Hill (2008)
“Art Against Information: Case Studies in Data Practice”
– Mitchell Whitelaw, Fibreculture 11 (2008)
“Image, Data and Environment: Notes on Watching the Sky”
– Mitchell Whitelaw (2008)
Sense of the City: Wireless and the Emergence of Real-Time Urban Systems – Ratti, C. & Berry, D. (2007) IN Châtelet, V. (Ed.) Interactive Cities. Orléans, Editions HYX.
Raster Cities: Image Processing Techniques for Environmental Urban Analysis. Morello, E. & Ratti, C. (2007) IN Thwaites, K., Porta, S. & Romice, O. (Eds.) Urban Sustainability through Environmental Design. London, Spon.
Inside the Sponge – Ratti, C. & Dorsey, T. (Eds.) (2007) Montreal, CCA.

Learning Processing Chapter 1 – Shiffman (2008)
Making Things Talk – Tom Igoe (O’Reilly 2007)
Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists, Casey Reas and Ben Fry (MIT 2007)
– Adam Greenfield (2007)
Placing Words
– Bill Mitchell (2005)
A Brief History of the Future of Urban Computing and Locative Media
– Anne Galloway (2008)
Urban Informatics: A handbook
– Marcus Foth (forthcoming 2009)
Sense of the City: An alternative approach to urbanism – Mirko Zardini (2007)
From Agit-prop to Free-Space: The Architecture of Cedric Price – Stanley Matthews (2008)
Digital Geography – Geographic Visualisation for Urban Environments – Digital Urban (2008)
Data Flow: Visualising information in graphic design – Klanten, Bourquin, Ehmann, van Heerden (2008)
Elsewhere/Mapping – Abrams, Hall (eds.) (2003)
Information Dashboard Design – Stephen Few (2006)
Envisioning Information – Edward Tufte
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information – Edward Tufte
Visual Explanations: Images and quantities, evidence and narrative – Edward Tufte
Beautiful Evidence – Edward Tufte
Digital by design – Troika (2008)
The laws of simplicity – John Maeda (2006)
Creative Code: Aesthetics + Computation – John Maeda (2004)
4D Space: Interactive Architecture (AD) (2005)
Visualising Data: Exploring and Explaining data with the Processing environment – Ben Fry (2008)

EEML and Pachube, Usman Haque

The Teeming Void – Mitchell Whitelaw – generative / data aesthetics, theory and practice.
City of Sound – Dan Hill – urban/spatial informatics, architecture, design practice.
BLDGBLOG – Geoff Manaugh – contemporary architecture, landscape, urbanism
Purse Lip Square Jaw – Anne Galloway – urban computing, locative media, theory and practice
Speedbird – Adam Greenfield – ubiquitous computing
Timo Arnall – ubiquitous computing, interaction design, mobile technology, design practice.
Random Etc. – Tom Carden – spatial/urban informatics, data visualisation, mapping.
Infosthetics – Andrew Van Der Moere – data visualisation and information design.
Digital Urban – GIS, digital geography, 3D models, mapping
Network Landscapes – landscape, mobile technologies
NAIT5 – interactive architecture, responsive buildings, facades
DataBeautiful – Lev Manovich – data visualisation and global culture
DataIsNature – Paul Prudence – digital and analog generative art, abstraction, audiovisuals
InteractiveArchitectureDotOrg – interactive architecture, responsive buildings, facades
Pasta&Vinegar – Nicolas Nova – social computing, ubiquitous computing
7.5th Floor – Fabien Girardin – ubiquitous computing, spatial informatics
We Make Money Not Art – Regine de Batty – new media art, installations
Stamen – information visualisation, interaction design, data
Flowing Data – information visualisation, data
Simple Complexity – information visualisation, graphs
Visual complexity – information visualisation


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