Day 3 _ Data Processing

Today was primarily focused on data collection / data processing.  The day began with some presentations outlining the range of data identified. The data varied from development application details, to bus timetables, to social networking blogs. We also experimented with live data feeds through the use of wireless sensors.  We needed to take this diverse dataset and encode it into the computer.

There was a lot of progress made in developing scripts to import various data into Processing. Our main approach was to create ‘data objects’ for each collection of data. Each of these data objects would have a series of properties which the user can call.

For example, there could be a dailyweather object. This has properties such as temperature, humidity, wind speeds. The user can access the temperature by calling dailyweather.temperature; Hopefully we can encode all the relevant data in a similar manner so everyone will have access to this broad range of data.

In terms of real time data feeds, we have two approaches currently working. Every 15 minutes, the sensors transmit their current values to We can access this data via a CSV history file. Hence we can continuously update our systems whilst broadcasting globally. For more refined detail, we have got the sensors posting a log every 30 seconds to the public drive. We can access this data in realtime and update graphs to show the activity on the sensors.


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