Live Feeds

Managed to code live data feeds from BBC website. Can extract the data directly from the RSS feeds as XML. We have access to a variety of news types including headlines, business, technology, and local countries. Each news source can be displayed with the most recent headlines bold.

live news feeds

Alongside this we have been developing methods to manipulate text / words. We can now extract out words from a text file, count the frequency of each word and treat the words differently. This function has been applied to the descriptions for DA applications to see which words most commonly appear. Interesting note that for development applications in Ultimo, the word architecture only appears once!

DA Applications _ Word Frequency

Got the live feeds working from the sensors. Had the start rig in the lab as a testing place. These currently update every 30 seconds. Had some issues with the light sensor – around 10am it defaulted to full value with no response to the lighting conditions. A team of people have been testing the sensors out in the open.

live sensor feeds

Had a big discussion about overall framework for progression. Decided to focus on three levels of data (scale and data resolution). These are State, Suburb and Local levels.

The state data will involve the correlation between development applications, news stories, global issues such as oil prices + economic data. This data spans a time period of years.

The suburb level will deal with traffic data, bus timetables and student lecture timetables to gain an understanding of the local social networks at Ultimo. This data is generally logged at an hourly interval and will provide interesting insight into the relationship between commuters and students.

Finally the local level will involve analysing data from live sensor feeds on the bridge.  We can combine this live data with averaged data scraped off the internet describing the weather / pollution etc. of the area. This will be accessed in real time and hopefully all the three levels will provide a really rich understanding of the dynamics of the harris street bridge.


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