Team Environment

Data is currently in a static form, not scraped but dragged manually from the various weather sites.

Beth is attempting to bring the data up to a level for use in our animated plans.

Gary has been working hard as a wall bracket for one of Jason’s sensors.

Gary, Ecco and Sooty have worked for the afternoon with Jason on sensor position and setup.

The animations for the weather and environment area we hope will be visual and naturally imitative.

The bar graph is a floating image. Currently using mouse position for control,we are hoping to convert that to live feed wind speed and have the bars moving around in the box based on that.

The bars will be multi layered showing temp, moisture content, pollen count and we hope to use real time from the bridge. This will allow the image to use preexisting data and the now data. Showing localised change and its effect on local conditions. (screen shot 1)

Beth has been working on a similar formula, using bird images to simulate wind strength and speed.(image 2)

Beth’s image 3 was a wind strength and direction static that shows the strength by the size of the circle and the direction by the colour.

We plan to develop the data to a point and then try to mould the animations.

Gary and Beth


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