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The weekend focus was to try to develop a few graphic & animation styles which can be applied to the different visualisation in an attempt to develop a coherent language for the project.  We tested these different ideas with some of the data sources we have including wind data, live news feeds, traffic density data, student movements & relationship to transport.

The live news feed is now reading from which contains hundred of news catagories, from ‘personal data privacy news’ to ‘equity markets news’.  Currently the script randmly selects from the catagories and displays the latest headlines in bold graphic, while older headlines accumulate in the background.  The script can be futher manipulated to enhance graphic reading, isolate and identify popular words and possibly become a searchable data base where keywords and threads can be searched by users and graphically identified.

Live News Feeds

An animated graphic was developed to be applied to traffic data sources.  The script traces an animated series of points across the screen producing a geometry which echos traffic movement. Examples below.

Traffic Movement

Traffic Movement Dense

The 24h wind data was imported and maped as a series of feathers which plot wind speed and direction over half hour intervals tracking 4 days back.  The feathers flutter at a rate related to the speed of the wind.  Wind gust speed data can be introduced as events, where the feathers could spike out if a ‘gust’ occurs.

Wind Feathers 10min [i]

Hourly Wind Feathers

A ‘sand’ shader was developed which can now be either related to data sources, or used as a graphic elements to add richness to other geometries.

Sans Shader Sorted

Sand Shader

Another test script was developed to demonstrate density visually over time. examples below

Stitches Experiment

Density Experiment



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