Team Environment 18.11.08

A full day with baby steps toward processing understanding. Beth and I are working toward understanding our vision before we have the skill to implement them. Not to bad so long as the processing skill starts to follow.

We seem to be on a wave length with Ben and Alena as to visual direction so that doesn’t place us too far out of touch.

Gary spent the afternoon soldering an electronics kit for a microphone that will be used for vibration detection. Its not working yet but there is hope. (image 3)

Also attached is an image of the sensors for light, Relative Humidity and temp. these are mounted in the doorway leading to the bridge and in the Interactivation Lab feeding data to the computer there. (image 4)

 light-sensor  fm-transmitting-microphone

The images are from the presentation this morning, Gary tried to explain most of it using the processing images he had found, these pdf’s hopefully fill in any gaps in peoples understanding.processing-ideas

I have also included a variation of the fire cube for fun. indicator-box


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