Mobility Progress 03

The previous “mobility visualisation” shows the animated pulse which the radius of each circle descibe the traffic volume / day / hour. From that we can compared the traffic volume between hours and days. The red pulse indicates that the traffic volume is greater than 1800 ( traffic jam ) so we can see the traffic pattern both in weekday and weekend.

we got the traffic hourly data from (sydney region 2005). The data describe traffic in Broadway near to Harris st.

The comment we got from Dan and Anthony is that we stacked 2 different timescales ( the red rectangle which indicate the day changing (daily) and the animated pulse which indicate the traffic volume /hour (hourly) ) but the pulses in one day grow at the same time. The next development is making the pulses pop up one by one.





-traffic volume flow in monday (from 12 am to 11 pm)-


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