All Hail the Fire Cube

Despite the best efforts of everyone to assist me in the nuances of the processing code. It was not till wednesday that I was able to grasp the concept of the relationship between things on the screen. Being able to write the code for 3 coloured squares and be able to understand the relationships was an achievement that I am so proud of.

Since then I have moved on to manipulating others codes to my own needs.

I have changed the fire cube to be a more literal notion of the need to watch the burning issues.

I have a fairly good personal understanding of the way the kinetic type program works and have been able to place my own type into the flag waving. Linking this with Alina’s word capture from the news. I feel will be powerful in that the words on the screen will flow as if influenced by the weather. Which as you know is a driver in the way people act and react.

Who hasn’t felt the urge of the FULL MOON.


The fire cube comes of age.

The fire cube comes of age.


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