sensor locations

The following is a list of the sensor locations and their output files.

i. Bridge Sensors – there are three light/humidity/temp sensors in the vicinity of the bridge.  One is on the door frame of the opening from the DAB onto the bridge, one is in the corridor on the angled glass wall (at 45 degrees between the interactivation lab and the bridge) and the third unit is on the bridge itself. The data is being logged to a file on the public (m\mda masterclass\sensors\data\log2.csv) as well as the pachube service (1187 is the doorframe, 1182 is the glass wall and 1186 is the bridge).

These sensors are logging somewhat consistently, the only thing to watch is battery life.  There are rechargable batteries charging in the interactivation lab and a ladder which is needed to reach two of the units.  Please be careful using the ladder, and replace any batteries in the charger when used.

ii. Webcam – there are two webcams capturing image data from the street and from the cafe courtyard.  The street-facing webcam is located in the interactivation lab near the stairwell and is accessible over the network. The webcam is capturing 1 frame per second, so will be a rich source of traffic data.

The cafe courtyard webcam is on the screen of the computer facing the courtyard, and is logging frames to a directory on that machine (Documents/Processing/watching_the_street_ls/frames/) which will need to be copied manually to a drive on the public.  The cafe cam is capturing at 1 frame per minute, so should be appropriate for the cafe traffic, but this may increase to match the other webcam.

iii. Phidgets – There are a suite of phidgets recording data from the interactivation lab facing the courtyard, including light/temperature/magnetism/proximity and are being logged in a processing sketch on the machine facing the courtyard.  This data will need to be grabbed from the print window of the sketch and pasted into a text file for munging.  The data is being collected at 30 second intervals.

iv. Bluetooth – The courtyard and street-facing interactivation lab computers are continually logging bluetooth data and saving these files as .csv locally.  The log files are located in the same directory as the sketches, and will need to be saved to the public drive for access.

v. Weather station –  wind speed and rainfall are being logged by the weather station, but not uploaded or saved anywhere unfortunately.  The weather station is an analogue method of getting at this data, we may need to organise for some pencils and paper – but a very useful source of info nonetheless.

vi. We now also have sound!  There is a microphone logging sound levels from the stairwell outside the interactivation lab (facing harris st), in a processing sketch which is logging the data locally.  This info will be made available tomorrow so should be interesting to observe along with all the other info.  The audio levels are being logged every 15 seconds so we should see some more finegrained patterns emerging.  These levels will need to be copied from the output window of a processing sketch in the interactivation lab (facing the courtyard) and saved somewhere on the public to be of use to others.

That’s it!  We *may* be able to get some kind of gps system happening as well, but not by tomorrow so we’ll have a look at that before the exhibition and see if it yields anything interesting or useful.

– jm


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