Local Data Sensors

The weather station sensors have been placed on the bus shelter. (photos to follow)

The FM radio microphone has been completed and the lights say it is working, Jason has a plan for this little beauty. (images to follow)

On the processing side of the coin, I am continuing with the baby steps. I have developed my ideas for the fire cube and the waving type and am now looking at a sparkline type of indicator to help with indication of the weather and its effects.

beth has completed her assignment of getting the birds to flock in the direction of the wind and is now looking at making the smoke act as a pollution or pollen indicator.

I will try to bring data into my pages and get the 3 processing files to be one.

I have also been able to bring in the make movie files and have produced Quicktime movies of my processing files. (not attached as you cannot upload .mov files)

The review is at 2.00pm and up till then I will be attempting to bring my work to a wholeness that is complementary to the main work.

Fingers crossed



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