Trying to get the tweets on the wind

After working with Mitchell on Friday to make the environment more interactive. By linking rss feeds from twitter with the Bureau of Meteorology 10 minute updates I am happy to report that the system works. It worked on friday also. It was not used in the presentation as it was felt to not be working properly.

This is unfortunately the case when using mother nature, she can be fickle. Mitchell had linked the line direction to wind direction and the type (font) size to the wind speed. During testing, the wind was consistently from the south west and at a low speed (4-5 km/h) However, during the hour or so between testing and the presentation the wind had swung around to the east and risen to about 17 km/h. This placed to bulk of the type off the screen and the partial letter seen was considered to be a glitch. To be expected in the pressure of setting up.

The attached image is to show that the system is working. 

As the image only updates every 10 minutes I have not had it running for long, but as you can see the wind is mostly from the south and the strength is about 10 km/h. How can I tell this, well guess work mostly for the speed and seeing as how the words are pointing straight down I can guess that the wind is mostly consistently south and developing a swing to the east.

The Tweets we are receiving are the latest top of the listing for tweets arising within 1 kilometre of the Ultimo area.

tweet_wind image Wind from south 10 km/h

tweet_wind image Wind from south 10 km/h

I have also attached to file from processing to allow those with greater skill to modify this file as it would be cool if the type could move like the sentences in the Kinetic type example.

This would give the final result a more cohesive feel.import-processing 

I have saved to processing file as a word document. This was done with cutting and pasting for the processing file. I hope that this works.

Good Luck 



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